Internet of Things

Are you not sure where to start with IoT in your business? Have you identified an IoT Project but need help with the architecture and implementation? Are you planing and IoT Project but need help integrating with other business systems?

We specialize in Azure IoT solutions. We can help you from ideation, implementaion thru deployment.

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Custom Software

We love helping entrepreneurs bring new ideas to life. We can guide you from initial idea on a napkin through to product launch.

For existing products, we can accelerate new functionality stuck in your backlog, integrate your platform with partners, or guide you through a re-architecture.


Web Applications, Mobile Apps, Cloud & Microservices, Buiness Process Automation & Data Analytics. We can help across your entire business.

We're open minded! We can work in many programming languages and on any platform. We will recommend what will work best for your business needs, your culture and your team.

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Do you need to engage with your customers on mobile devices? Do you have a call center or live agent business challenge?

We can advise, design and build Twilio based solutions to meet you needs.

Twilio's super network brings business powerful secure enterprise communication capabilities to your business with great prices and a low barrier to entry that can't be beat.

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Are you ready to bring Integration Platform as a Service (IPAAS) to your platform? We can build your Zapier App and get your platform listed in the Zapier marketplace.

Zapier Connects your platorm with thousands of others to enable turnkey data-driven workflow solutions for your customers.

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Made in the Pacific Northwest

Based in Seattle, we bring U.S. based talent to your project.

Let's PHIX it today! sales@phixed.co

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