Beyond Developers - Twilio Studio Empowers Knowledge Workers

Beyond Developers - Twilio Studio Empowers Knowledge Workers

Twilio's strategy is to enable developers to deliver solutions and grow the account over time from individuals to departments and finally the entire company. Its a great strategy you may have heard of before.
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But, not everyone is a developer and not every company has an IT team that can deliver custom solutions. How does Twilio get a foot in the door at those companies? By empowering knowledge workers. We all make fun of Access databases and "Excel hell", but those tools empower millions of office workers. Those bootstrapping process grow and later become custom solutions for the entire company. Putting power in the hands of employees always wins.

Twilio Studio is the first Web GUI tool for building Twilio solutions. Its a first step to start using Twilio's power. The best part is you can start small and you can grow over time. Do you want to replace the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) on your inbound number with one you can customize yourself? Twilio Studio will let you put together that press 2 for sales, press 3 for support menu in minutes. Oh you want to support voice commands too? Done. Its all there ready to go.

This example is an inbound IVR. It connects the caller to a specific phone number after they navigate the menu to sales or support.

Twilio Studio IVR Flow

At the top of the flow, the IVR is connected to the inbound call trigger. There is also an inbound message (sms\mms) and an inbound API call trigger. You can use that last one if you're a developer, or with other services like Zapier. The inbound message though is as easy to use as this voice example. You could very easily setup an SMS survey, or SMS coupon, or ... the limits are your imagination. What about an SMS version of the IVR that connects the customer to the sales team?

All the actions you can use to build flows on the right hand side. Many are easy to use and configurable in the UI. HTTP Request and Run Function let you integrate with other services and custom Twilio functions. When you need to integrate with your CRM, log to excel or take other actions outside Twillio you will use these. Studio lets developers to do those custom integrations, and other members of the team make flow changes. Changing "helpdesk" to "customer support" in your IVR shouldn't take a developer, and it doesn't.

This gives you a glimpse of what's possible with Twilio Studio. If your ready to start planning or building your Twilio solution, let's discuss how PHIXED can support your business.