Custom Software by Phixed

Custom Software by Phixed

Custom software is anything from launching a new service to delight your customers, automating a tedious business process, building a machine learning pipeline, or a python script to clean up data for use in other parts of your business.

If you have a business challenge and are not sure how, don't have the time or just don't have skills to solve it, PHIXED will take care of it.

How We Work

PHIXED loves to work with talented entrepreneurs who are looking for a partner to bring their vision to life. We can start from back of the napkin business pitch and help you turn that into a full fledged product.


If you're an operational machine running a successful business looking to accelerate features from your backlog, bring efficiency to your business process or research new tools PHIXED can help you improve your business and grow revenue.

Phixed Builds Custom Solutions

Let's get together and discuss how PHIXED can help you with your custom software projects.