IoT Success Strategies from Microsoft

IOT Business

I read a great post from Peter Cooper (Microsoft IoT Marketing) titled "5 internal capabilities to help you increase IoT success". Here's a quick TL;DR summary, but click through to the full article as well, its a good read!

Capability #1: Create an enterprise data strategy

  • Identify where you have data today you could be using.
  • Identify the data you need to enhance the data you already have.
  • Identify the gaps in your data to support your business goals and put a plan in place to get it.

Capability #2: Balance structure and flexibility to exploit new opportunities

  • Initially, IoT will help you better manager existing problems and businesses more effectively.
  • Long term, you need to adapt your business and your organizational structure to leverage IoT to create new businesses opportunities.

Capability #3: Develop specialized talent

  • The skills needed range across from business leaders with technical acumen, technology leaders who embrace agility, and programmers and analysts who cover analytics, operations, hardware sensors, backend services and security.
  • Training existing staff, on Azure IoT of course
  • Hiring can be difficult in a competitive recruiting environment

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Capability #4: Harden and evolve security

  • Ongoing Security is an additional consideration when building out your IoT Solutions
  • Azure IoT [especially serverless] helps considerably manage the software stack as well with downstream device management.

Capability #5: Continually consider consumer expectations

  • IoT can be used to provide considerable value to business and to customers.
  • Customer value needs to be weighed against customers' perception, especially where personalization and location are implemented.
  • Asking only for the customer data you need to provide value and asking for more when more value can be offered is better than a collect-all and sort it out later approach.

As Peter discusses in his excellent piece highlighting Steelcase's Smart + Connected offerings, there are a lot of moving pieces to IoT and a lot of organizational challenges as well.

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