PHIXED & Twilio

PHIXED and Twilio for better customer satisfaction

Twilio is a powerful platform that has historically catered exclusively to developers. With the launch of Twilio Studio in 2017, Twilio has started to make it easier for the business area owners and non-developers in every organization to build workflows and attach them to phone numbers.

This powerful feature is a game changer for others in the communication platform as a service (CPAAS). Many viewed Twilio as the the platform on which they could build easier to use point solutions (appointment reminders, surveys, etc.), but with these features its clear business owners can step around those point solutions and use Twilio directly saving money in the process.

That's a hug win for Twilio's existing customers and opens up the platform (grows the pie so speak) for Twilio's customer base to expand.

Twilio Studio is a great first step and you should be accessing whether you can build directly on Twilio and where you will need additional services such as contact information, job schedulers, reporting and dashboards to name a few.

PHIXED is your partner

PHIXED can help you assess your needs, design a solution based on Twilio and provide any additional functionality necessary for your business. PHIXED provides the solution you need without features, limitations and added costs. PHIXED works for you.

Let's get together and discuss how PHIXED can help you with Twilio.