PHIXED & Zapier

PHIXED and Zapier can grow your business

Zapier is a powerful platform that enables business area owners and entrepreneurs to automate workflows between online services. It has an intuitive easy to use UI to connect the triggers (data driven notifications) to the actions () of various services. These workflows are called Zaps. You could have Zap that posts new lead information to Slack when a HubSpot landing page is completed. There are literally thousands of Apps in the Zapier marketplace for you to work with.

Zapier is one of several Integration Platform as a Service (IPAAS) players and is specifically focused on easy of use and affordability. Zapier is a great channel for additional revenue and to enable your customer solutions and sales teams to provide powerful solutions and demos to your customers.

But how do you get your business in the Zapier marketplace?

To be listed in the marketplace you will need build a Zapier App and follow the App development and publishing guidelines. There are a lot of boxes to check to be in compliance with Zapier's rules and standards. Some of these are about your user experience (API Access must be self-serve) and some are purely technical (only specific authentication schemes are supported).

PHIXED offers four main services specific to Zapier:

  • Zapier App Assessment - PHIXED will assess your current offerings compatibility with Zapier and provide recommendations on how to proceed with your Zap App.
  • Zapier App Development - PHIXED will build your Zapier App and help you take your App from Private to Publicly available in the Zapier Marketplace.
  • Automate your Business with Zapier - PHIXED will advise and build workflows to automate your business. Usually we just help you get started training you on Zapier. But if you have a large solution you're looking to build or need custom code actions PHIXED can help.
  • Custom Zapier App - Sometimes the Zapier app available for a service doesn't have the triggers or actions you need, but they're available in the service's API. PHIXED can build you a private Zapier App for that service which you can use in your Zaps.

Let's get together and discuss how PHIXED can help you with Zapier.