What is a Zapier app?

Zapier apps connect Zapier to your service

The Zapier app is the starting point for all the Zaps (workflows) you build in Zapier. Zapier has many builtin ones to consume RSS feeds, Parse Emails and several other generic data integrations. But most businesses will need a custom app to connect their service to Zapier.

Zapier Marketplace

The app takes care of the following things:

  1. Connects your API to Zapier
  2. Provides the Triggers and Actions for you customers to use in their Zaps
  3. New channel for sales leads

Connects your API to Zapier

The Zapier app is the glue which connects your service's API to Zapier. When a customer uses your Zapier app, it will collect their API login and store it to be used in all the Zaps they build.

Provides the Triggers and Actions for you customers to use in their Zaps

The app is the layer which translates your API into something which Zapier understands. The two main things it does it define the Action and Triggers in your API to be used in Zaps. Actions are the things your API let's customer do such as adding a new entry, updating and existing entry to deleting an entry. Triggers are the things your API can be used to notify Zapier something occurred. Said another way:

Triggers are used to start a Zap an Actions are the things Zaps do as they run.

Example Actions and Triggers for an ECommerce platform:


  • Create new customer
  • Update item (description, quantity on hand, etc..)
  • Delete item


  • New Customer
  • New Product
  • Updated Item

New channel for sales leads

When your Zapier App is public and in the marketplace it is a great self-service channel for millions of users to discover your service. These are generally high-quality, pre-qualified leads who are business owners with real business problems they are trying to solve. The more turnkey your customer onboarding experience the more you can turn these leads into sales!

PHIXED builds Zapier apps

While there are additional technical and business requirements to creating your Zapier app getting listed in the public marketplace, those are the main items you need to understand to begin the conversation.

If your customers could benefit from Zapier and you'd like help assessing if you're API is ready or to have your Zapier App built, let's get together and discuss how PHIXED can help you build your Zapier App. sales@phixed.co