Where are the Contacts in Twilio?

Where do you store your contacts phone numbers and names in Twilio?

Twilio's powerful platform gives small businesses and global corporations access to the same carrier grade tools for SMS, Voice, Fax, and several other channels. It also gives you some easy to use tools for building basic workflows such as Twilio Studio. But Twilio doesn't have an out of the box contact or customer database, they assume you will bring your own or integrate Twilio with an existing application such as your Customer-Relationship Management (CRM) system, your E-commerce platform or your Active Directory for enterprise employee solutions.

That's great because you don't need to setup another system or try to synchronize two systems. But, what if you don't have an existing solution in place or the one you have isn't available to you on the internet?

It really depends on your business needs, but let's break it into three common scenarios:

  • Greenfield Applications
  • Sales Funnels & Order Pipelines
  • Employee Communications

Greenfield Applications

If you're building a new online application or mobile app, PHIXED suggests you leverage your existing (or planned) user profile database. If you're still exploring options check out AWS Amplify, a very turnkey platform component for your user authentication and profiles. Or if Python is your jam, you can't go wrong with Django (personal fav).

Sales Funnels & Order Pipelines

If you're using Twilio to engage in a sales and order automation use case, then you should look for a best-fit CRM or e-commerce platform. There are many options available to you in both these segments and many are targeted to specific business types. There is very likely one that's perfect for your accounting firm, house cleaning business or enterprise sales team.

Employee Communications

If your main use case is to communicate with your employees you have a few advantages. Employees tend to keep their information up to date and you probably already have some sort of HR system. If your HR system or Directory service such as Azure Active Directory has an API your probably good to go. If not, we may need to setup some nightly exports to an external custom service. Many enterprises use just this kind of nightly extract, transform, load (ETL) process for their employee communication workflow.

Phix Your Contact Storage

Even though Twilio doesn't provide storage for contacts, there are many viable strategies. There are many other use cases we didn't cover and more niche solutions that might better suit your business needs.

Let's get together and discuss how PHIXED can help you choose or build the best contact solution for you. sales@phixed.co